Tutorials –Tuesday, October 1

Preference and Value Functions for Systems Engineering Design

Time: 08:00 – 12:00

Instructors: Ali Abbas, University of Southern California, USA

The goal of this workshop on "Constructing Preference and Value Functions for Systems Engineering Design" is to provide academics, students, and professionals with state-of the art methods for quantifying preferences to enable them to make better design decisions, and particularly in large-scale systems when uncertainty is present. The workshop is interactive, with numerous practical demonstrations and exercises, and is designed to provide graduate students, faculty members, and industry professionals with an opportunity to ask challenging questions about the implementation of rigorous decision-making methodologies in engineering design. The workshop will also highlight some of the common misuses of decision analysis in engineering design. In addition, the workshop will help provide networking opportunities and a close community that is in interested in all aspects of decision making in engineering design. The Presenter has been funded by the National Science Foundation of America for the last two decades to research decision making methods in engineering design. This workshop will continue this effort and will distil many of the lessons learned.